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OpenData/NBGS_TillGrainSize (MapServer)

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Service Description: This layer contains point features that represent New Brunswick Geological Survey till sample locations where laboratory grain size analysis was completed. Grain size data are contained in the attribute data for each location. Grain size analysis is limited to the dry-sieved <2 mm fraction of collected till samples. This fraction of the till sediment is subjected to hydrometer grain size analysis to determine the percentages of sand, silt, and clay. The process is based on the hydrometer method of Bouyoucous 1962. Sand: 63 µm to 2 mm Silt: 2µm to 63 µm Clay: < 2 µm Bouyoucous, G.H. (1962) Hydrometer Method Improved for Making Particle Size Analysis of Soils. Agronomy Journal, 54, 464-465

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Copyright Text: New Brunswick Dept. of Natural Resoures and Energy Development

Spatial Reference: 2036  (2953)

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