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Service Description: The term ‘till’ refers to the underlying parent material of the zone of biologic soil. To date, more than 15,000 till samples have been collected from shovel test pits across New Brunswick and analyzed for a wide suite of chemical elements. These data are of importance for understanding mineral potential but also have applications in forestry, agriculture, and land use decision making.This layer can be used in conjunction with TillSampleSites1986_2014, TillSampleSites, and TillGrainSize, which will provide additional information about the sample location, and the sample properties.Results that are below detection limit have been given a value that is half of the detection limit. It is important to use the DETECTION_LIMIT field in conjunction with the VALUE field to identify results that are below the detection limit.Till geochemical samples were systematically collected throughout New Brunswick. Samples collected before the year 2000 were located using compass and pacing. Samples collected from 2000 to present were located using handheld GPS or GPS-enable tablets. A soil (till) sample was collected at each site. Samples were processed (dried and sieved) at New Brunswick Geological Survey facilities in Fredericton and then sent to commercial analytical labs for geochemical analysis. The resulting data were compiled in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and in an Oracle database.To determine the date that a sample was collected, please refer to the TillSampleSites1986_2014 and TillSampleSites feature classes.

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Copyright Text: New Brunswick Dept. of Natural Resources and Energy Development

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